The Positive Achievements of Stalin and his Regime

Great to read the neglected side of Stalin argument – but once a tyrant always a tyrant

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The Positive Achievements of Stalin and his Regime


Josef Stalin was one of the most important leaders that presided over the USSR in the 20th Century. He was able to establish economic and political structures that were sustained until 1991, following the fall of the Soviet Union.1 Over the past decade, perceptions on the effects of Josef Stalin’s rule over the Soviet Union have gradually moved towards the negative. The proportion of Russians who still have a positive attitude towards the leader has dropped to 30 percent according to a study by Levada Centre. Furthermore, when respondents were asked whether they would be happy living under a Stalin regime, only 3 percent responded to the affirmative.2 In Russia, the widespread view is that people are split right in the middle regarding those who support Stalin’s Leadership style and those who frown upon it: the Stalinists and…

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