Marking and Feedback: Before, During & After

Reflective Teacher and Learner

The following post is a summary of a talk I recently delivered at the ASE East Conference in Harlow:

When planning for the ASE conference I remarked to a colleague that I had picked a bit of a minefield of a topic to talk about. Marking and feedback is one of those areas in education that can reduce some teachers to tears, but reinvigorate others.

FitzcarraldoWhenever I think about marking and feedback it reminds me of the Werner Herzog film, ‘Fitzcarraldo’.

We start off with good intentions when marking. We head off with a desire to achieve something profitable for ourselves (a better understanding of where our pupils ‘are at’) and for our pupils (signposts for how to improve).

As we go through the process we realise it is incredibly hard work. It feels like pushing a boat over a mountain!

Most of us also engage in this task with…

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