Using YouTube in the classroom

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Most teachers I know search YouTube to use in their lessons – it’s a huge resource when it’s used well. Teachers are able to watch the videos beforehand to check content and keep within eSafety policies, but there are a couple of perils still lurking out there: the comments about the videos, which can contain any language under the sun (and frequently does!), and the “other suggested videos” which appear at the end of the clip.

I’ve read a great blog about this over the weekend and also had some really useful conversations on Twitter about how best to use YouTube in the classroom. I thought it would be useful to draw all these ideas together and attribute them to those who suggested them.

1) Use Quiet YouTube (courtesy of @Lisa_LearnPad)

This seems so unbelievably simple, I wonder why we didn’t know about it before! Find the video you want…

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