Possible DBQs 2016/17

DBQ’s context questions as provided by the #LCHist Twitter community on Dictatorship and Democracy for Leaving Cert. 2016 and 2017.

Twitter handles to any contributor have been included. Of course all deserve a follow.

Thanks to all who helped out. 

The Jarrow March:

Describe the British Government’s response to Britain’s post war economic problems. @bcs_historydept

What were the causes and consequences of the Jarrow March, October 1936? @Hist_Matters 

To what extent did the Jarrow March succeed? @ConnollyTrevor

Did the Jarrow March reflect the reality of Britain’s economic problems? @historyjk

What were the economic and social conditions in Britain that led to the Jarrow march in October 1936? @Tumedel

Why did the Jarrow march (October 1936) take place and what did it achieve? @Tumedel

The Nuremberg Rallies:

How significant were contributions of Leni Riefenstahl and Joseph Goebbels to Nazi Propaganda? 

Besides the Nuremberg rallies what were the other features of Nazi propaganda? @bcs_historydept

What role did the Nuremberg Rallies play in Nazi propaganda?

What part did Leni Riefenstahl play in Nazi propaganda?

How significant a role did the Nuremberg Rallies play in Nazi propaganda?

How did the Nuremberg Rallies promote Nazi ideology in Germany between 1927 and 1939?

How successful were the Nuremberg Rallies? @ConnollyTrevor

What was the purpose of the Nuremberg Rallies between 1927 and 1939? @historyjk

How did the Nuremberg Rallies help to create propaganda for Hitler and the Nazi regime? @Tumedel

What were the Nuremberg Rallies and what was their importance? @Tumedel

How did the Nuremberg Rallies help to bring support to the Nazi regime in Germany? @Tumedel

Stalin’s Show Trials:

How important were the Show Trials in consolidating Stalin’s power? @bcs_historydept

What was the importance of Stalin’s show trials in Soviet Russia? (2006)

What impact did Stalin’s show trials have on the Soviet Union? (2007)

What was the purpose of Stalin’s show trials in the 1930s? (2008)

Why did Stalin set up show trials and to what extent did they achieve their result? (2011)

How did Stalin use the show trials and the Purges to consolidate his rule in the Soviet Union?

To what extent were the Purges and Show Trials part of Stalin’s scheme to establish a totalitarian state?

How important was terror for Stalin’s regime? @ConnollyTrevor

What did the Show Trials reveal about Stalin’s approach to leadership? @historyjk

Why did Stalin introduce a series of show trials and what was their impact on the USSR? @Tumedel

What was the purpose of Stalin’s Show Trials and were they effective? @ashjclery




Assessment in the classroom is something that has always made me nervous when thinking about it from a teacher’s perspective. As a student, I was always writing tests, composing essays, doing quizzes and completing worksheets that seemed dauntless and pointless. It never really bothered me though, because I was good at testing and worksheets and essays. I always did well so they never led me to any stress. Some of my classmates, on the other hand, couldn’t write a test if their lives depended on it. The anxiety of having to sit in a room of complete silence answering God-knows-what kind of questions in a set period of time was enough to cause them to completely bomb every single test they ever wrote simply due to stress, alone. Obviously, they hadn’t not learned anything, they just couldn’t properly showcase their learnings with that style of assessment. I don’t believe that…

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Google Smarty Pins – Trivia with pins

Technology in the Classroom


Google has a number of fun little games that you can play with your students and we can add one more Google’s Smarty Pins. This is a trivia game that works with Google Maps. You can select a specific category to work from or just start and get a mix of them all.
Here is how the game works. You start off with a set number of kilometers. Google will ask you a geography question that is realted to the cateogry you chose. Instead of time, kilometers tick down. If you get the question correct you don’t lose any more kilometers. If you answer the question quickly enough, you get bonus kilometers. When you answer a certain number of questions correctly you receive bronze, silver or gold badges.

So here is a quick look at what you can expect. When you start they will ask you a question and…

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Developing Quality Peer and Self Assessment


In this post, I will go over a few strategies that I use in my lessons to improve the  quality  of peer and self-assessment.  While this is not a stand-alone training session but instead simply a collection of resources and tools that I use with my classes, they could easily be put together to become a discreet CPD session on developing skills in using peer and self-assessment.

Strategy 1: Aiding student reflection and metacognition

This is a very simple resource that I used in lots of my lessons as a plenary  between activities.  I have built a reflection display using the sentence stems here that occupies a wall of my classroom.

The sentence stems are as follows:

  • The most difficult thing was…
  • I think I need to improve on…
  • I now understand that…
  • I am now able to…
  • If I did my work again I would change…
  • I have learnt…

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The Positive Achievements of Stalin and his Regime

Great to read the neglected side of Stalin argument – but once a tyrant always a tyrant

Barbra Dozier's Blog

The Positive Achievements of Stalin and his Regime


Josef Stalin was one of the most important leaders that presided over the USSR in the 20th Century. He was able to establish economic and political structures that were sustained until 1991, following the fall of the Soviet Union.1 Over the past decade, perceptions on the effects of Josef Stalin’s rule over the Soviet Union have gradually moved towards the negative. The proportion of Russians who still have a positive attitude towards the leader has dropped to 30 percent according to a study by Levada Centre. Furthermore, when respondents were asked whether they would be happy living under a Stalin regime, only 3 percent responded to the affirmative.2 In Russia, the widespread view is that people are split right in the middle regarding those who support Stalin’s Leadership style and those who frown upon it: the Stalinists and…

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Using YouTube in the classroom

V helpful – thank you

Computing & Digital Making

Most teachers I know search YouTube to use in their lessons – it’s a huge resource when it’s used well. Teachers are able to watch the videos beforehand to check content and keep within eSafety policies, but there are a couple of perils still lurking out there: the comments about the videos, which can contain any language under the sun (and frequently does!), and the “other suggested videos” which appear at the end of the clip.

I’ve read a great blog about this over the weekend and also had some really useful conversations on Twitter about how best to use YouTube in the classroom. I thought it would be useful to draw all these ideas together and attribute them to those who suggested them.

1) Use Quiet YouTube (courtesy of @Lisa_LearnPad)

This seems so unbelievably simple, I wonder why we didn’t know about it before! Find the video you want…

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